Sunday, July 22, 2018


15th Jul (Sat)

When I went to enquire at the fast food restaurant if they are hiring and I can only work from this hour to this hour (due to need to wait with her for the transport to fetch my mum and fetch her when she's back from the Day Care Centre), they are ok with that timing, but need to work one weekend, I opt Sunday as Saturday, going Church.

Yesterday, the other Manager (guess he's higher rank as the Manager who hire me, when I ask him certain questions, he reply me have to ask boss) ask me about working on weekends, as they need to plan the schedule.  Ask him, can I work as and when necessary on Sunday as need to take care of my mum.  He mention, if require, he will let me know earlier.

Attend a Caregiver Support Group @ New Horizon centre (Bukit Batok).  Topic is When is the Right Time? - Nursing Home and Other Care Arrangements by Dr Lydia Au (Jurong Health), Director, Senior Consultant, Geriatric Medicine.

One of the caregiver I met during the previous Caregiver Support Group, was there, the other time, she was sharing about her mum's going to the Day Care Centre.  So ask her how's her mum doing at the Day Care Centre.  Manage to exchange contact number with her as I was telling her, I couldn't check with her how's her mum doing as I do not have her contact number, and good to see her again and check with her about it.

Refreshment was serve after the talk.

Was at Bukit Batok East having my dinner and also to collect the working pant which I send for alteration earlier on before I go for the Caregiver Support Group.  Salted fish pork patty rice @ $3.

16th Jul (Sun)

I was scheduled to work on Sunday.

At first, I thought there will be no break for me as on Friday, my meal is taken when I knock off work, and if possible, I thought want to bring back for my mum to eat.  But as at first, I was schedule to work for certain hours, and there will be a break, in the end, I was release 1 hour eaelier. As I won't be taking it every day lor, long term everyday eat fast food, won't be good for me.

As I only prepare lunch for my mum, so after work, went to buy dinner for her and manage to make it for Sundays at the Park workout at 5pm.


  1. Is that chocolate chip in the kuih bahulu? Wahhhh!!! Upgraded version kah? LOL!!

  2. 那個是蒸飯嗎?我本身很喜愛呢!

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  4. The burger looks big! Best wishes to your job!

  5. Hi Sharon, good luck for your new job.

  6. Good to have flexible working hour. Hope your manager is understanding.

    Good luck in your new job. You can do it! God bless you.

  7. Wow!! You will work at the fast food soon! There will be plenty of food to take home to munch.

    Good that you met another caregiver to stay in touch. Both of you can exchange ideas too.

  8. It's nice to get food at work. Are you allowed to take just the meat/vegs without the buns? I will probably attempt to save it for fried rice if I'm allowed to take it home ..haha.

    You are amazing at caregiving, Sharon x There is much many of us can learn from you.

    1. Not too sure if they allow as usually, I take burger...


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