Monday, July 30, 2018

Starting of the week

23rd Jul (Mon)

Since there's still a bit of time before my mum comes back, the other day, while having coffee in a halal eatery place in JEM, saw customer eating kueh lopes , I bookmark it as I didn't eat it for a while already.

Kueh lopes @ $1.60, after that, have to quickly take a bus back to wait for my mum's transport back.

Since I didn't eat burger over the weekends, this round, I took a double fish burger back, lucky, got my mum to share with me.

24th Jul (Tue)

Check with Mr Choo younger son whether Mrs Choo has been discharge from hospital, only to learn about her latest condition and the son ask me to help to inform Pastor to pray for Mrs Choo.  The ball, throw to Chinese Ministry Pastor of PPH Brethren Church.

Don't feel like having burger and no appetite, only want something light.

Salmon avacodo handroll @ $2.40

25th Jul (Wed)

I thought of having yong tau foo at the food court at my work place there, but was busy that I knock off a bit later, so no yong tau foo for me.

Tabao a packet of mixed rice from the interchange back to makan before starting on my Bible Study Fellowship homework.  Mixed rice @ $3.80.  


  1. Yummy food, Sharon. You are really making me hungry - I wish I was not reading your blog so late at night ..haha!

  2. I love kueh lopes. Its been years since I last ate kueh lopes. Not many stalls selling kueh lopes.

  3. Kueh lopes. Seldom have that.

    Double fish burger for me. It has been a while I had fish burger. Usually I go for chicken burger.

  4. 這個雙層魚漢堡,看來很正點啊!

    1. If double, I have to share, if not, will be very filling...

  5. Ooooo...the egg!!! Only 3.80 so cheap, here, I think at least RM4.50, mixed rice now...depending on what one takes.

  6. I like kuih lopes but haven't had one in ages!

  7. I don't think I have ever eaten kuih lopes. Dollar to dollar, price of food in Singapore is so affordable.

  8. Easier to buy food outside than to cook.. but once awhile I cook to avoid the oilyness of the food outside..

  9. This is the first time I see a Kueh Lopes! Singapore has so many types of yummy kueh.


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