Wednesday, July 25, 2018

16th Jul

16th Jul (Mon)

After my shower, I look out of the kitchen window and saw auntie (the auntie who also goes to Day Care Centre, but different centre), so whatsapp her daughter, is it usually auntie goes to the coffeeshop drink kopi first before returning to the void deck to wait for the transport.

She then called me, tell me she called auntie and auntie told her that she just back from the Seniors Club (confusion) and ask me if I could bring my mum down earlier and see if auntie is at the void deck.

Auntie is not there and also not at the coffeeshop.  Get back to auntie daughter and auntie daughter called auntie and auntie saids she will go to the Day Care Centre.

Then the transport arrived, auntie is not down yet, so I becomes a busybody again, went to auntie house and knock on her door.  When she opens the door, she was saiding she doesn't want to go Senior's Club, but forgot to call the centre to tell them she didn't want to go.

Feedback to auntie daughter.  Auntie daughter was saiding she feel paiseh that I leave my mum at the void deck and help to look out for her mum.  It's ok for me, who knows, I might need her help one of the day.

While waiting for my mum to come back, again, bump into the neighbour who the other time said that I am pantang (superstitious), again, she said my mum goes to the old folk home, anyway, I can't be bother to argue with her, she can said what she wants.  Then ask me how much I pay for my mum Day Care Centre fee, for people who are busybody, sorry lah, I am not keen to  share more about it.  Told her, if she wants to know more, can check with the   Centre Day Care.

I was given two burger by one of the staff, I have no plan to eat burger.

This burger - for my mum's dinner

Another burger - for my mum's next day breakfast.


  1. True. Those who are not in your shoes will not understand.

    Yum-yum ..such delicious burgers xx

  2. I hate people who talk a lot, do nothing even in a small way to help. Talk is cheap, a dime a dozen.

    1. If I happen to bump into this kind of people, I think I must avoid them.

  3. Good that you keep in touch with aunty's daughter and become good friends to help each other.

    Next time anyone ask you how much you pay to send your mum, just say $10,000 a month. They will freak out in shock and never ask you again. Wakakakaka

  4. The two burgers look big and very loaded. My kind of burger :)

  5. I think I will not be able to resist the nice looking burger! Lol!

  6. Your mum ate both burgers?? My mum or mil doesn't eat burgers. Lol.


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