Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Pre weekend to weekend

6th Jul (Fri)

TGIF.  As usual, after my mum board the transport, walk over to PPHCSC for the Friday breakfast session.

Vegetarian bee hoon with youtiao, as it's the first Friday of the month, there's birthday celebration for those born in the month of July and also bingo game.

Understand from Uncle Choo that his wife is admitted to the hospital.  Decided to pay her a visit.

After the visit, a cup of kopi @ $2

Can't resist the temptation of chicken wing, so order a chicken wing @ $1.80.

7th Jul (Sat)

The weather is unpredictable, sometimes it will start to rain in the morning.  But today, the weather is extremely hot.

While waiting for the bus after church service at the bus stop, randomly snap a picture.

As usual, Bukit Merah Central and the same coffeeshop.  Order from the chap chai rice stall.


Egg with tomato

梅菜 with 三辰肉

At first, my mum saids she wants rice

I thought of having porridge, but when my mum saw the porridge, she said she wants the porridge, so I had rice instead.

Total : $9

8th Jul (Sun)

Haiz, constipation problem of my mum again.

Bought the above from the Chinese Medical Shop for her constipation problem.

Ask my mum if she wants to go out and eat, but she doesn't wants to, then tell her, or we go to the eatery in the neighbourhood to eat.  She was asking me to buy back and eat.  Wanted to get her out of the house, so tell her don't want to buy back and eat lah, go out and eat together lah.

She wanted chicken briyani, order an egg to go with the chicken briyani @ $6 to share.

The portion of the briyani rice, if I were to eat it alone, I won't be able to finish it .


  1. Hope your mum's constipation problem gets better. Make her eat more vegetables and fruits.

    Weather has been erratic over here too. One second, it is hot. Next second it rains

    1. She doesn't eat vegetables nowadays... Fruits, only selective type of fruits...

  2. Chicken wing looks good! Nasi briyani looks better!

  3. Briyani always big portion can share among two person.

    1. Ya, if I 1 person, usually I most likely won't eat briyani...

  4. Hope your mum's problem get better soon and good to know she's listening to you and go out, even for makan.

  5. Constipation, eat biryani? Too little roughage, should eat more vegetables and fruits.

    1. She doesn't take vegetables nowadays and eat only selection fruits..

  6. You need to understand that aged people tend to have serious and complicated constipation that led to piles sometimes. That would be too painful when piles happened. That is because they hardly drink water, eat more fruits and exercise which helps to prevent constipation. So I suggest that you feed your mummy with dragon fruits. It will help her greatly.

    1. The word piles makes me worry... I must go get dragonfruit and sweet take

  7. hope ur mum is getting better, does she eat papaya? mayb it helps


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