Friday, July 13, 2018

Start of a new week

9th Jun (Mon)

My mum is so used to going to the Day Care Centre that during weekends, she will ask me, today no Day Care Centre.  The Day Care Centre that my mum goes to, only open from Monday to Friday.  But another Centre, it do opens on Saturday, so thought of checking it out.

So thought of checking it out, was told the centre opens on Saturday from 9am to 3pm.  The things to do on Saturday will be more simple.  But right now, no transport, have to bring in the elderly ownself.

Lunch - porridge @ $4

Sliced fish with minced meat

Coffee @ $1.80

Was darm tired that no workout for me.

10th Jul (Tue)

In the morning, ask my mum, you go down yourself to wait for the transport, her reply, don't know how to go down and wait.  Then ask her, come back, you come up yourself, her reply, wait I go wrong house and open wrong door.

Craving for chee cheong fun, from my place hawker centre @ $1.60 for 2 pc.

With a chicken wing @ $1.50

Usually after my mum comes back from the Day Care Centre, the first thing she will do is to go to the toilet.

Seeing that she has been in the toilet for a while and not out yet, went to check on her.  She then said she has problem passing motion. So told her, I go to the chinese medical shop and buy the stuff, but you must `co-operate with me.  She manage to pass out a bit before I left for my Bible Study Fellowship.

After coming back from my Bible Study Fellowship, I was already tired, but, my mum dirty the floor and her clothes that I have to clean up the place and quickly wash her dirty clothes before calling it a day.  By then, I am half-dead already.


  1. the chicken wing looks 'juicy'....I feel like want to have one rite now!

  2. Now I'm craving for porridge. Slurpsss!!!

  3. Poor you. Such a tiring day. Have a good rest this weekend.

    Love the look of the porridge. Yum yum.

  4. God bless you for looking after your mum.

  5. Its tough looking after the elderly.

  6. Poor mummy made you work harder. You are such a good daughter.

  7. She's my mum, my duty to take care of her...

  8. You are a very patient person, Sharon. Take care and God bless. xx


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