Tuesday, July 10, 2018

An ordinary day

3rd Jul (Tue)

I need to get some items from the supermarket.  Usually I will go to the supermarket in JEM or Jurong Point, lazy to travel there, so buy from the supermarket near my place and also to makan.

Had vegetarian kway teow mee @ $3

And a bak kwa pork floss puff from the neighbourhood bakery shop @ $1.50.

Just when I was getting ready to go down fetch my mum, the staff of the Day Care Centre call and ask me to come down, the transport was 10 minutes earlier than the stated time.

4th Jul (Wed)

As Bible Study Fellowship is a weekly affair on every Tuesday night, so homework is also a weekly affair.

Simple lunch from my place hawker centre @ $2.80.

Ad I need to make a trip to Zone 3 RC, after that, was at the coffeeshop having a tau suan @ $1.50.

From this month onward, the two staff ferrying the elderly rotate.  The male staff will fetch the elderly to the Day Care Centre whereby the female staff will send the elderly back.

Joke of the day - I was wondering will the transport be early again today, so I went down early to wait.  Wait and wait, and 40 minutes from the stated time has pass and no sight of the transport.  I decided to call the Day Care Centre instead of the staff as she's driving, I do not want to disturb her.  The Day Care Centre mention that the transport has left the Day Care Centre, but the transport left a bit late today.

Finally the transport arrive, I was told, the staff forgotten about my mum  (my mum is the first to alight) and didn't turn into my place and instead go straight.  When she realise, too late already, so she send the rest back first and my mum is the last person to alight.

5th Jul (Thur)

It has been a while since I went Bukit Timah Food Centre to find my friend.  So make a trip there before crossing over to  the supermarket at Bukit Timah Plaza to buy grocery.

My lunch is a bak Chang @ $3 and a chee cheong fun @ $0.80.  Total is $3.80.

It so happen while ordering drink from one of the drink stall, saw that they sell white coffee, so order a cup @ $1.10.


  1. Oooo...let tau suan, I like!!!

  2. wah, bak chang and ccf all in one plate, so syiok!

  3. The floss puff looks very fresh and nice... I would like to try that..

  4. I like the puff and bak chang! Yumz!

  5. I think next time you need to be kiasu and call the transport driver very early to remind. I wonder why the driver didn't carry a check list to refer as we cannot rely on our memory to remember so many things and names everyday.


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