Monday, July 16, 2018

Blur me

11th Jul (Wed)

Craving for luncheon meat.

Instead of frying it, I steam it

Attend to something, then I was at Bukit Batok Interchange wanting to take feeder bus no. 941 to go St. Luke Hospital visiting a friend.  Halfway through the journey, saw how come the bus turn into a different direction, so I went over to ask the bus captain.  Was then told, 8th July onward, some changes in the route, if I were to go St. Luke Hospital, can cross over the road and take the newly introduce bus service 991 to reach St. Luke Hospital.

Blame it on my blurness, when I was in Bukit Batok Bus Interchange, I saw bus no. 941 and quickly rush and didn't read the poster attached at the interchange wall to see what's the changes in the route.

12th Jul (Thur)

When bringing my mum down to wait for the transport, bump into auntie and her daughter, auntie transport is 20 minutes earlier than my mum's transport.

Auntie has 6 children, all are married, but auntie stays alone as she prefer to stay on her own.  But her children will take turn to come and bring her for dinner and so far, I only know of her this daughter as she will come and stays with her overnight on certain days and come down with auntie to wait for the transport.

Auntie daughter was asking me how many times my mum goes to the toilet each night.  Good question.  I actually do not know how many times my mum goes to the toilet as I was sound asleep.  She then share with me a bit of her mum which I will not write grandmother stories here.

I was in Bukit Batok vinicity and pass by the coffeeshop where Master Tang stall is.

Had porridge, suppose to be sliced fish with minced meat, but I change to century egg.

Sliced fish

with century egg


  1. Steamed luncheon meat. I never do there.

    Very smooth congee you had there.

  2. Sorry to hear you missed the directions of the bus.. If I were to take, sure panic already! hahaa..

  3. I think steamed luncheon meat is just softer than unsteamed ones. I better fry them for better fragrance.

    Hope you will be more alert and not so blur otherwise the wrong bus will bring you to Malaysia instead.

    1. Who knows, the transport might take me to KL, lol...

  4. Luncheon meat will be nicer if fried. I have never steamed it before.

  5. I prefer fried luncheon meat than steamed.
    Sorry to hear u took the wrong bus, but I would too coz I wouldn't expect the route change until being notified (by hearsay) or the notice is huge enough to grab my attention.

    1. I thought quick quick get up bus, then do not need to wait for next bus, so didn't read the notice...

  6. So far I pan fried luncheon meat. Never steamed it before.

  7. Luckily I just bought luncheon meat. Now I can fix my craving after seeing your post. Lol. Yummy porridge.


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