Thursday, June 28, 2018


23rd Jun (Sat)

Start my day with exercise, but rushing for me, as after the exercise, I need to go back shower, make sure my mum takes her lunch, then rush to church for cell group.

While on the way back, saw flower along the way.

After the cell group at church, I didn't stay for service as I need to rush off for a Caregiver Support Group at New Horizon Centre (Jurong Point) which starts at 2.30pm.  Topic is Effective Communication in Dementia Care by Cai Suqi, Social Worker (Alzheimer's Disease Association).

After the sharing by the speaker, refreshments is provided.  I did manage to chit chat with some participants.

There's a participant who mention that she went for the assessment with her mum at the Day Care Centre and her mum throw tantrum during the assessment and she was wondering how will it be when her mum starts Day Care Centre on Monday.

That reminds me of my mum when she went for the assessment at the Day Care Centre, she was okay during the assessment.  Only the day before when I told her that she's going to the Day Care Centre then that she throw tantrum, guess she might be thinking that I am sending her to the Nursing Home. And the day itself, she throw tantrum too, that I got to tell her that she will be going there in the morning and coming back in the afternoon.  And tell her she will follow the transport, whereby I will go to the Day Care Centre after she boards the transport as the transport is meant for her only.

Needs to buy dinner for my mum and was at Malaysia Boleh, saw pig organ soup which I had not try before, so order a bowl at $4.50.

With a bowl of rice @ $0.50

I was bless with some tau sar peah from my neighbour auntie (The auntie who also goes to the Day Care Centre, but different centre as my mum) daughter, who went Ipoh, from what I was told, it's 现做现卖.

24th Jun (Sun)

Zone 2 RC Senior Friendship Circle (For age 60 and above) is on every 4th Sunday of the month.

Told my mum, we go RC there, got food to eat.  Surprise that she said ok, if not, I have to come out with all sort of excuses to make her go.

Breakfast for that day - tang hoon with ingredients, my mum can't finish, no prize for guessing who has to finish it up for her.

After the breakfast session, we went to the nearby coffeeshop to eat her favourite sliced fish mee sua.  Order a bowl of sliced fish mee sua @ $3.50 with 3 dumplings @ $1.80 to share.  Total : $5.30

Afternoon, there is a combined cell meeting at church.  Lunch is provided.  My mum doesn't wants to go, reason being she wants to rest.

After the meeting, need to buy dinner for my mum and I had a plate of wanton noodle, no char siew, only wanton @ $3.30.  After eating the wanton noodle, I realise that I have overeat for the day.  As usually, I do not take rice or noodle for dinner.  Unless I am taking rice or noodle for dinner, then my lunch will be no rice or noodle.


  1. Pretty flower! I like the noodles!

    1. But too bad, I do not know the name of the flower...

  2. So nice, auntie gave you tau sar peah.

  3. Sharon, have a happy weekend.

  4. So blessed to have an aunt gave you peah.

    Good that your mum is okay and used to the day care now. Not throwing tantrum and reluctant to go.

    1. Thank God for the blessing...

      So far, she's ok at the Day Care Centre...

  5. Yummy choice of food, as always, Sharon - always salivating when I come here ;)

  6. You have such a good neighbour who gave you Tau Sar Pneah.

    1. Actually, at first, I only know her mum, her mum stays a storey below me, it's only when occasionally she comes to her mum's place and went down with her mum to wait for the transport to the Day Care Centre then I know her...

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