Sunday, July 29, 2018

Pre weekend to weekend

20th Jul (Fri)

After my mum boards the transport, I thought I will go PPHCSC for the weekly Friday breakfast (a very quick one).  When I open the door, the queue was long, PPHCSC weekly Friday breakfast has more than 100 people every week.  No thank you, I do not have the ample time to wait, otherwise, I'll be late for work.

I must learn from Uncle Choo, save money, so I had the meal provided.  Tender grilled chicken.

21st Jul (Sat)

My mum didn't go church, so I just sit anywhere.  Was chatting with an elderly and I ask her about her age.  She ask me to guess, guess she's 70 plus, she then said at this age, will go anytime.

Halfway through the service, saw another elderly, seem not feeling well, only after the service that I got to know that she's having back problem.  Busybody mode on, tell her I accompany her home.  She insist that she's ok and refuse to let me accompany her home.  So we go on our own way.

Went Bukit Merah View Kim San Leng coffeeshop and eat at the usual stall.


Pig liver


Silver fish? (if I am not wrong), total : $4

22nd Jul (Sun)

My mum doesn't wants to go to Zone 2 Senior Friendship Circle.  Told her, I have register for her, if she doesn't go, I have to pay for it.

While at the Senior Friendship Circle, my mum throw tantrum that those in the same table with her look at her and I was so embarrassed that I have to apologize to one of the auntie for my mum's action.  Previously, she have never throw tantrum during the Senior Friendship Circle she went, this is the first time this thing has happen.

After the Senior Friendship Circle, was at the nearby coffeeshop wanting to eat the sliced fish mee sua, but the stall was not open, so makan kway teow mee with luncheon meat and an egg @ $3.

After visiting a friend at the Community Hospital, had a cup of mocha at the nearby cafe @ $4.


  1. 這個烤鷄肉漢堡,讚啊!

  2. So popular the PPHCSC breakfast. Next time must go earlier to beat the crowd.

    1. Top bad, I have to wait for the transport with my mum, if not, I will go earlier...

  3. Hi Sharon, have a wonderful week

  4. You are such a good daughter with lots of patience for your mum. I am sure you learnt a lot from the Care Giver Support Group that many people become difficult as they aged, hence their mobility and tantrums.

  5. Are u working in Burger King? the burger is so tempting although doesn't look good. It's not easy to deal with elderly who throws tantrum especially in public...U r such a patient person.

  6. So kind of you to volunteer to accompany the auntie home. Mocha looks so nice!

  7. Big hug, Sharon. You are doing great with your mom.


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