Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Week 27 (Part 3)

29th Jun (Fri)

Wet weather, raining cats and dogs.

As usual, breakfast in PPHCSC is beehoon with youtiao.

And as usual, Uncle Choo ask the same old question he has been asking and asking, your mum don't go to the Day Care Centre on Saturday and Sunday.  And I have to repeat and repeat that my mum only goes to the Day Care Centre from Monday to Friday, but not on Saturday and Sunday.

Then he share with me he used to have meals delivered to his house, but the delivery person saw his helper wheel his wife and the delivery of meal is terminated.

And now he has a new lobang, a free meal delivery to his house recommended by Social Worker.  But the quality of the foods will not be that good, items like sardine fish, peanut, etc.

He mention his helper can cook well, so I was asking him, since your helper can cook well, why not get your helper to go to the wet market or supermarket to buy raw foods and cook for the family.

Then he mention though the quality of the foods not that good, it's free, can save money.

After the breakfast session at PPHCSC, I need to go Jurong East attend to something, since I still have time after i'm done with what I need to do, I decided to visit neighbour uncle.  His wife mention that he has a fever last night and also infection, so he can't be discharge on Monday.

Had a pandan cake and a cup of kopi (didn't take picture) @ $2.80.

Due to time constraint as I need to be back before the transport bring my mum back,  I didn't visit Uncle Tang.


  1. That looked like one big slice of pandan cake.

  2. Good work Sharon. God bless you

  3. I realised that you don't need to go to work at any office. You seem to accompany your mum everyday, go Zumba, walk connectors and eat good food. What a good life you have. Ha ha!

  4. I see youtiao, I think of black coffee! The pandan cake looks nice!

  5. Now I am craving for pandan cake. I need two slices.

  6. Uncle Choo is so cute ..haha. But yes, it's important to save money.The cake looks delicious, Sharon. xx


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