Thursday, July 5, 2018

Week 27 (Part 4)

30th Jun (Sat)

My mum doesn't wants to go church, manage to sweet talk her in going.

As usual, after service, was at Bukit Merah Central and the usual coffeeshop.  The coffeeshop was rather quiet and not much variety of foods to choose from.

My mum had porridge

with braised chicken, steamed egg and tofu @ $3.40.

I had Malay rice with chicken wing, chilli egg and begedil @ $3.30.

Good weather with no rain.

1st Jul (Sun)

Initially, I thought of bringing my mum to the Emergency Department in the Hospital due to her constipation problem.

Then I thought of the suppository that the Doctor prescribe the other time she went to see Doctor for her constipation problem.  So I decided to try on that first.

My mum was resistance when I want to insert the suppository for her that she push me away.  So I told her, if you doesn't want me to do it for you, then I have to bring you to the Doctor and let the Doctor do it for you.

In the end, I manage to insert it for her and within 15 minutes, bowel were out.

Was at a neighbourhood bakery, mouth itchy, must buy something to eat, so buy a 老婆饼 @ $1.20.


  1. I think you could try to blend certain fruit juices for your mum to drink daily. She will be able to bomb the toilet faster and naturally. Try dragon fruits juice with pineapple!!

    1. The problem is she doesn't drink much water, haiz...

  2. My girl loves bergedil but they usually add a bit of wheat flour so cannot eat, not gluten free. :(

  3. Alamak, I was eating my dinner when reading about the suppository. LOL!

  4. 好久沒吃老婆餅了呢!yummy啊…

  5. The peah was my least favourite over here. Hehehe

  6. Good thing that the mention of the doctor has positive effect.

  7. Good to know your mom constipation problem was solved.

    1. Hopefully, she can pass motion without any medication...

  8. Sharon, you're doing a great job with your mom! ^.^


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