Friday, July 27, 2018


17th Jul (Tue)

Ask my mum, does she wants me to cook dinner for her or she wants to eat burger.  Her reply is that everyday, she eats rice at the Day Care Centre, so eat burger is ok for her.

My mum's dinner, maybe I should learn from Uncle Choo, every day eat the meal provided which is free, can save a meal, save money.

While on my way to Bible Study Fellowship, receive a message from Mr and Mrs Choo younger son that Mrs Choo is still in hospital, too bad, now I do not have the luxury to suka suka anytime go hospital visitation.  So, what to do, send the message to PPH Brethren Church Chinese Ministry Pastor.

18th Jul (Wed)

Bump into auntie and her daughter when bring my mum to wait for the transport.  Auntie children has hire a helper to take care of auntie and the helper will follow auntie to Senior's Club.  Auntie daughter main concern is that auntie chase away the helper, as auntie children has ever hire a person to take care of auntie, but auntie chase the person away.

This round, my mum comment that the chicken patty is hard for her to swallow and she doesn't want to eat it.  As I had to do homework for Bible Study Fellowship, so didn't prepare dinner but cook a packet of maggie mee for my mum.  Then ask her, next day, you still want burger or rice or porridge, she then tell me, don't want burger, want porridge.

In the Senior's Club, my mum share table with the auntie who always ask, transport come already anot, and another auntie.  My mum was telling me, the auntie who always ask transport come already anot, scold the other auntie.  I was like, oh no, the other time, my mum and I was scolded by her, this round, the other auntie was scolded by her.

19th Jul ( Thur)

When the staff fetch my mum, he was mentioning that he's fetching an auntie, the auntie now in wheelchair.  I was like huh, what happen, I only went to the Day Care Centre starting of the month to make payment for my mum's Day Care Centre fee till now.  He then mention auntie was hospitalized and has a stroke and didn't go to the Day Care Centre for two to three weeks.  Sadden to hear that auntie has a stroke and wheelchair bound.

Sotong me again, i didn't realise that I stop one MRT station earlier while on the way to work, then I was like, how come this place looks different, oh no, wrong station, lol.

This round, since my mum doesn't wants to eat burger, I was not keen to eat burger everyday.  I took the burger and gave to one of PPHCSC staff, whom my mum gave him the nickname take attendance boy, as on every Friday during the breakfast session, he will be busy taking attendance of those who go for the breakfast session.


  1. Maybe you have too many things on your mind that you didn't know that you got off the MRT too early. Hope you were not late for work that day.

  2. I haven't had a burger for a long long time now.

  3. It has been a while I had burgers.

  4. Stroke is a very scary sickness that attacks suddenly. Next minute the patient's whole life turns upside down and sits on the wheel chair for life. Prevention is better than cure.

  5. Nice of you to share the burger :)


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