Sunday, August 5, 2018

26th - 27th Jul

26th Jul (Thur)

Nope, I didn't eat burger today, but went to the food court wanting to eat yong tau foo.  Of course, I can't take my own sweet time eating as I need to be back before the transport brings my mum back.

Had yong tau foo, 6 pc with kway teow @ $4

The soup

The sauce

Pay Mrs Choo a visit at the hospital, in which she is in ICU, if not for the helper mention, she was in the hospital for almost a month already.

Before going back, had a cup of teh halia @ $2.20.

27th Jul (Fri)

After my mum boards the transport, I walk over to PPHCSC for the weekly Friday breakfast.  When I open the door, no queue, can have a quick bite before I leave for work.

No more bee hoon, the staff went to buy, so I had porridge first.

The bee hoon with you tiao, which is 2nd round, saw the first round, white bee hoon.

Too bad, I need to rush off, can't chit chat with Uncle Choo, only manage to talk a bit with him.

Auntie Lee first question to ask me when an auntie sitting next to her, I was mentioning I need to go off as need to work, is what is my salary, @$^$%#.  

Usually, Toast Box at Westgate is crowded whenever I pass by, this round, saw that there's seat, so had a cup of kopi @ $1.90 before going back.

My dinner - whopper


  1. So cheap the yong tofu. Here, nothing less than RM1 per item.

  2. Good afternoon Sharon.
    Have a wonderful week ahead.

  3. I like the Singaporean style white beehoon!

  4. The whopper must be very filling. Looks big.

  5. Hope Mrs.Choo will get well soon. Being in the ICU for so long is depressing.


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