Monday, April 2, 2018

Week 13 - ( Part 1)

26th Mar (Mon)

I didn't realise that there are some plants at the void deck where my mum is waiting for the transport till today.

Plant 1

Plant 2

My lunch - Instant noodle

A bowl of mushroom soup @ $2 at the Food Court before I go for my class.  It has come to Lesson 9 which is The Duty to Self-Care.  An interesting topic.  We were divide into group, those caring for parents, those caring for children, and others as in caring for siblings, etc.  There is group discussion.

27th Mar (Tue)

Need to go supermarket buy grocery.  Pass by McDonald and saw that they are promoting some new items.  Went in to have a look.  Initially, I do not have any plan to eat fast food, but the new item tempts me to try it out.

Order a scramble egg burger with sausage set @ $4 which comes with coffee.

* Facebook picture

A friend whom I didn't get to see for quite sometimes, WhatsApp me if I am going Kickboxing class @ Mapletree Business City.
  If she doesn't go, I will go for piloxing at Icon@International Business Park.


  1. 小植物無處不在,充滿活力!

  2. Hope its not too late to wish you Happy Easter

  3. Long time have eaten egg burger! Happy Easter!

  4. Plant 2 looks like hempedu bumi, great of lowering high blood pressure, blood sugar etc etc... VERY VERY bitter!

  5. I like how McD is always introducing new stuff to try.

  6. You are very healthy and always go for exercises!! You will live to 100 years old!


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