Monday, April 9, 2018

Week 14 (Part 1)

2nd Apr (Mon)

The transport is late in picking up my mum.  From what I understand, there are two newcomers taking the same transport with my mum.

When the transport arrive (my mum is the last to board the transport), being a busybody, I ask the staff which one is the newcomers.  He pointed a Malay guy to me and mention that he didn't manage to pick up the other person.

Starting of new month, time to make payment for my mum Day Care Centre fee.  Lunch at one of the coffeeshop in West Coast before going in, in the afternoon.

La Mian

with tempura @ $4

While at the Day Care Centre, ask the staff, the newcomer whom he didn't manage to pick, how is it.  He mention the sister call, saiding the brother has gone down to wait for the transport.  Maybe is the staff can't recognize the newcomer and the newcomer also doesn't know the staff, so they miss each other.  He has to make another trip to fetch the newcomer.

Before going for my class, went for a cup of milo @ $2.

The lesson for the night is recovery and rehabilitation, which I find is very interesting.

There are two young ladies sharing their journey of recovery.  Not able to share as we were told not to take picture, video, etc.

3rd Apr (Tue)

Nothing much inside the fridge, need to top up.

Before going to the supermarket, drop by Faith Methodist Church Garden of Eternal Peace to "visit" a friend who has passed on ashes.

Usually if I have nothing in mind what to eat, I will walk round to see what foods is available.  It so happen I walk to a coffeeshop and saw quite a number of people eating vegetarian bee hoon, ok, I will eat that.  I wanted to mix bee hoon mee, but was told,no more mee.  And bee hoon also left not much.  The ingredients also going to finish.

Taken from the MRT, Jurong East temporary bus Interchange and JCube.

Didn't know that there's an Old Town at Jurong Point Shopping Centre till pass by.  A cup of Ipoh White Coffee @ $2.20 before going back.


  1. Good morning Sharon, have a blessed week.

  2. Seems your week is very lined up too! :)

  3. LOL. You are also kay poh like me sometimes.

  4. My niece in Singapore bought us a pack of those prawn tempura, at least a dozen in a tray, frozen - we had to fry ourselves. So-so, not anything I would be pestering her to buy for us again.

  5. It's good that the driver went back to fetch the newcomer who missed the ride.

  6. I like tempura. This time you drank milo!

  7. Hope no more confusion between the driver and the newcomer. Tempura. Anytime for me. :)

    1. Only the first day... Same here, tempura, anytime for me... Hehe...


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