Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Week 14 (Part 3)

6th Apr (Fri)

At first, I was thinking of not going PPHCSC for the breakfast session as every week, very crowded, with 100 over people.  Then realise, it's the first Friday of the month, they will have birthday celebration for those born in the month and bingo game.

While my mum was waiting for the transport, I quickly walk over to PPHCSC.

Bee hoon with you tiao, there's also a small bowl of porridge in which I didn't take picture.  I have to swallow the foods and then walk back to make sure my mum board the transport.

After my mum board the transport, walk back to PPHCSC again.  Just nice, birthday celebration starts, after that, the tart is distribute among everyone.

Then bingo time

In the afternoon, went to the Day Care Centre to kaypoh a bit.

There's this Malay newcomer, who just started on 2nd April and same transport with my mum, as staying same kampong, but different block.  On Monday, when I went to the Day Care Centre, I was surprise to see him sitting in the same table as my mum.  As usually, my mum sits in the same table with Uncle Chin and Uncle Lim.  They change Uncle Lim to sit at another table.  Uncle Chin and Uncle Lim goes to the Day Care Centre every day.  From what I understand, the Malay newcomer will go on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

But when I reach today, they arrange him to sit with 2 other of his same race.  Phew, lucky not in the same table.  Finger cross, not too sure if next week, will he still be sitting in the same table with Uncle Chin and my mum.

This Malay newcomer, the first day when I saw him when the transport pick my mum, he gave me a french kiss, then at the Day Care Centre, darling here, darling there.  Guess his wife is used to it, his wife accompany him there.

Today, again, darling.  One of the staff told me to bring my mum to the afternoon activity area. Before bring my mum to the activity area, I went to talk to his wife, where he interrupt. The staff was telling me not to talk too much to him.  He was in the same group activity with my mum.  Total, there are 8 of them in the group.  They were sitting in a circle.  Using a plastic chopstick, they were ask to pass rubber band round to each other.  Beside the Malay newcomer is an elderly auntie, when it was his turn to pass the rubber band, he called the elderly auntie, darling.   There are three elderly there, the helper is with the elderly every day.  One of the helper tell him, call auntie, don't call darling.

Tea break for my mum, bread with mayonnaise egg.  Too slow, my mum took the other half first before I could take picture.


  1. This tart does not look as nice as the one your mum had the other day.

  2. Waaah! I am shocked to read word French Kiss! He really gave you one?????????

    ~TM faints~

    ~TM wakes up, faint again~

  3. haha, ur mum too hungry till no patient to wait for u to snap the last photo...

  4. Wahooo... French Kiss in the open LOL - funny funny. I guess everyone in the South (US) always addressed ppls as darling or love.

  5. 這個bingo游戲,看了都覺得非常期待!

  6. Wahhh! This new comer sounds like a Romeo! French kiss and calling the aunties darling! Lol!


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