Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Week 15 (Part 2)

11th Apr (Wed)

The other day at the Caregiver Support Group, a lady was mentioning about Fairprice supermarket Discount Scheme for Immobile Seniors.

On Monday and Thursday, Pioneer Generation Card entitle the Pioneers to 3% discount at the Fairprice supermarket, while on Tuesday, Seniors (Singaporean and PR age 60 and above) are entitle to 2% discount.

This discount scheme allow the authorized person to buy on behalf of the Seniors who are immobile  on the day and enjoy the discount.

To apply for the privilege card, I have to attach medical records or doctor memo, etc. with the completed form and summit  to any Fairprice supermarket or at the office in Fairprice Hub.  I was told, if summit at any Fairprice supermarket, it will take longer to process as they need to dispatch to the office at Fairprice Hub, whereby if I summit to the office at Fairprice Hub, will be faster.

I only have a discharge summary from the other time my mum was in hospital.  So I thought I will go directly to Fairprice Hub and check if that will be ok.

I was told that the discharge summary is ok and once they have process it, they will mail it to me.

Since I was at Fairprice Hub, not much variety of foods to choose, and I was not keen in fast foods. I was at the food court having a bowl of yong tau foo soup with yee mee @ $4 which I find the price was cheap at food court level with air con.

yee mee

As my mum ask me to go to the Day Care Centre, went in the afternoon.  There were some ITE students there doing some activities with some elderly and the Malay newcomer was one of them.  As I'm a busybody, I was there kaypo-ing.  Overheard him telling the students, he's a Hollywood singer.  And my mum also become his so called "darling".

My kaki Sharon mum passed away at the age of 96 on Monday morning. Went to the wake and on tbe way home, was at Hougang Mall walking one round and also cracking my head on what to buy back for my mum to eat when I saw this place Desserts Story.  So bought the pumpkin cake, carrot cake and yam cake @ $3.80

12th Apr (Thur)

I sign up for the Basic Health Screening at the Community Centre near my house on 11th March.  Was told, if required, we will be inform vis SMS to see doctor and collect report in person from 10th April to 12th May.  There are 3 location in which we can choose the clinic we want to see doctor and collect report, if required.  If the result is normal, the result will be mailed to my address 4 - 5 weeks after the screening event.

I received the sms asking me to see doctor and collect report.  Since the Clinic is near to where my mum Day Care Centre is, after seeing Doctor, went to the Day Care Centre.

My mum's lunch - brown rice with cabbage, chicken, fried tofu.

As for my lunch, grilled chicken chop $5.50 at a nearby eatery shop which I find ok only.

The Chinese Ministry Pastor and volunteers from PPH Brethren Church went in, in the afternoon to entertain the elderly.

They brought over a cake to celebrate the birthday for those born in the month of April.  So, the elderly tea break was a slice of cake and an oneh oneh.

Dessert for the elderly


  1. Grilled chop for that price is considered ok.

    Ming soup for dessert. I like that too. Been so hot lately over here.

    1. Price is ok, but food so so only...

      The weather here unpredictable, out of sudden, can rain very heavy...

  2. 看到我最愛的釀豆腐!👍啊!

  3. Only 2% discount!!! Was it a typo error??

    1. No typo error, yes, only 2% discount, and I am not allow to borrow my mum's card, she has to be present to be entitled to the discount...

  4. I had pumpkin cake this morning but it was not what I had expected. Post on it in my blog coming soon!

  5. Wah, all those food tempting me. Condolence to your friend.

  6. Chicken chop looks good. I like oneh oneh!


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