Thursday, April 26, 2018

Week 16 (Part 4)

21st Apr (Sat)

As usual, after service, was at Bukit Merah Central.  This round, my mum wants to go to the other coffeeshop.

My mum had wu xiang @ $5

I had lo mai kai @ $1.40 and two siew mai @ $0.60.

As my mum throw a bit of tantrum this morning, so she only took breakfast and not lunch.  So she still wants something to eat.  She wants mixed rice, but not much variety, so ends up ordering a plate of chicken rice @ $3.

My luncheon meat bread $1.40

22nd Apr (Sun)

Zone 2 RC Senior Friendship Circle is on the 4th Sunday of every month.

Dessert - green bean soup

Breakfast - tang hoon with egg and ngoh hiang.

Yesterday night, WhatsApp Wenn who is in Singapore, what time is her flight back to Ipoh.  Her flight is evening time, the timing is right for me, so arrange to meet her in the airport.

Usually I will take a bus to Eunos, then from there take MRT to Airport.

Saw a banner in Eunos area a new stall selling Western foods, though wanna go try the spaghetti, but the stall was not open.  

End up at the market.

Had pork porridge @ $2.80

Told them I do not want lean meat, so only liver

and minced meat which I thought they will make into meatball, but it's not.  Overall, nothing to shout about.

As I was early, thought I will go for a cup of coffee, saw they do sell chwee kueh, the other day, my mum had chwee kueh at the Day Care Centre makes me crave for it, so order chwee kueh.  4 pieces of chwee kueh with a cup of coffee @ $3.  The chwee kueh, so so only.

When I met Wenn, she mention she has not eaten yet, didn't know she has not taken her lunch, as the day before when I WhatsApp her, she mention she will take her lunch with her daughter before going to the airport.  If know she hasn't eaten, I will not eat and can eat together with her.

We did chat for about an hour before I bid goodbye to her.


  1. There will come a day when your mum may forget that she has eaten. She will ask for food again and again. This happened to my dad.

    You are so lucky to meet Wenn. She is a very thoughtful blogger, friend and mother!

    1. Sometimes, her appetite is good, sometimes she eats little...

  2. $3, $2.80...everything is so cheap there!!!

  3. mmmm.... luncheon meat bread! I want!

  4. all your food above makes me hungry.....I wanna throw tantrum too!!! and have a plate of chicken rice ;-)

  5. the chicken rice not bad wor. so many pieces of chicken.

  6. I cooked mung bean soup few days ago. Good to take on warm day.

    This morning I cooked porridge. Chicken porridge.

  7. Sharon, when it comes to local food, you win hands down. I feel hungry and am always salivating when I'm reading your blog!

    1. And especially now is coming to dinner time, hehe...


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