Monday, April 16, 2018

Week 15 (Part 1)

9th Apr (Mon)

Monday blues, my mum ask me to go to the Day Care Centre, so told her that I will go in, in the afternoon.

There's a newly open yong tau foo stall at a coffeeshop near my place and in my list to try.

yong tau foo soup @ $3

1 pc of chee cheong fun @ $1

While in the Day Care Centre, phew, the Malay guy was sitting in the other table.

There's this, elderly auntie, who mention she's 80 years old, and she's new, just started on 2th April, her children has register for her to go to the Day Care Centre months back and has paid for it, but she doesn't wants to go.  The Day Care Centre has been calling and asking about it.

I like to disturb her.  She has been saying I want to go home, if the transport comes and doesn't see her, the transport left, how huh.

While back, the staff sending my mum back mention he will be sending my mum last as the Malay guy is noisy and he will send him back first.

A cup of yuan yang @ $1.80 before going for the Caregiver-to-caregiver Education Program.  It has comes to the last lesson Advocacy.  Next Monday will be the graduation day.

10th Apr (Tue)

The other day, after the Caregiver Support Group talk by the speaker, while chit chatting during the refreshment, a lady was mentioning about a roasted duck rice stall which her mum's like as the duck meat was not hard and it was soft which make it easy for her mum to chew.  She patron the stall often.  So I ask her where is it, she mention at Yew Tee, after coming out from the Yew Tee MRT gantry gate, turn right and will see the stall.

Since Yew Tee is not very far from my place, there a supermarket at Yew Tee Point which I can buy my grocery, decided to go try out the roasted duck rice.

Had roasted duck rice @ $3.50, thumb up.  Bought a packet of braised duck rice back for my mum's dinner, I tried the braisd duck,  I find that I will prefer the roasted duck.

The chilli is nice that I have to go for second round.

There's a Toast Box there, has been a while I had bo luo yao, after buy grocery, was there for a cup of coffee and bo luo yao @ $3.70.

While home, my mum was telling me, I didn't go to the Day Care Centre as in the morning, she ask me to go to the Day Care Centre.


  1. Hope your mom will get adjusted to the day care soon, reminded me of my kids when I sent them to day care last time, they made a lot of noise but after some time, they made friends there and get adjusted very fast..

    1. She's ok there, only sometimes she mention about an Uncle who ask I didn't come, then she ask me to go to the Day Care Centre...

  2. that yong tau foo soup is so full of fishballs/fishcakes/beancurd skin...definitely my kind of soup! I can go with bowls of rice with it!

    1. The seller said that the fishball is ugly, so he gave an extra fishball...

  3. I think your mom misses you. Hope she will make good friends with the other aunties. The chili for the roast duck rice looks delicious!

    1. That why I went back second round for the chili, hehe...

  4. There was a yong tau fu stall at the food court in my blogpost today but the selections did not look very tempting so I did not go for it.

    1. This stall yong tau foo, we are not allow to choose...

  5. That noisy hamsap Malay guy still got give you a French kiss????


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