Thursday, March 29, 2018

Week 12 (Part 4)

24th Mar (Sat)

My mum throw tantrum saiding she doesn't wants to go Church.  Manage to sweet talk her to go. 

As usual, after service, went to the usual coffeeshop in Bukit Merah Central.  Only Malay and Indian food and drink stall.  Saw a notice in the fishball stall, move away to another place liao.  The roasted meat, chicken, duck, etc.  also no more liao.  Saw a notice another owner selling also roasted duck, etc. will be starting business on 26th Mar.

My mum had lontong with begedil @ $3.70

Since my mum is around, she can help me with the rice, so I order a fried chicken briyani @ $5.50.  

25th Mar (Sun)

There's a quarterly Mass Senior Friendship Circle in the Community Centre in which I've got a ticket for my mum, but my mum not keen to go.  So I went for my Zumba workout.  Thought wanted to finish up reading the book Love without Limits which I borrowed from the library.  But a friend Dad passed away, so went to the wake at Ang Mo Kio which is quite far from my place.

After attending the wake, went to the nearby Food Centre to have my dinner and to buy food back for my mum.  Not much variety to choose from as most of the stalls are close.  Had kway chap @ $3.50.  Ingredients include tau pork, fishcake, egg, intestines.

The kway

If I didn't remember wrongly, Pine Garden Cake in Ang Mo Kio ave 10 has been feature in TV years back.

Bought a piece of Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch @ $3.20. 


  1. Now where did my comment disappear too? :(

  2. the biryani looks delicious...I dun mind to help u to finish it...hahah!

  3. You're such a good and patient daughter!

  4. Now I am craving for biryani....

  5. It’s good to bring the elderly to church as they can experience fellowship with other folks. Well done!

    1. The elderly there, almost the same age as my mum...

  6. Aiyo ..that lontong ahh. Making me drool!


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