Thursday, April 12, 2018

Week 14 (Part 4)

7th Apr (Sat)

As i have a Caregiver Support Group to attend, so no Church for me today.

Ever since my mum went Day Care Centre, we didn't eat at the Food Centre near my house.  So I ask her, if she wants to go down to eat.

Ordered a yong tau foo as request by my mum (which I didn't take picture).  Then ask my mum if she wants chee cheong fun, she's ok, so order a plate @ $1.60 to share.

I cannot resist the chicken wing, so order it @ $1.50.

As my Caregiver Support Group was at Jurong Point, thought I will go for my brunch before going for the talk.

Hot & Sour Soup @ $2.80

Braised Pork Bun @ $2.90

Jurong Point Shopping Mall
Singapore 648886
Tel : 6474 7263

Topic for the day is Medical Care in Dementia by Dr Vina Doshi, Consultant Geriatrician, AgeWELL ARTSZ Medical Group Pte Ltd.  Refreshment is serve after the session.

8th Apr (Sun)

Since I didn't go church yesterday, go church today.  If I were to tell my mum go church, guess most likely, her answer will be, want to stay at home.  So tell her, today go Senior's club (Day Care Centre).

Go PPH Brethren Church as there's transport provided.  When we were at the void deck, told my mum, the staff from the Senior's Club is on leave today, there will be another driver taking over, but we got to walk to PPHCSC there to wait for the transport.

After the service, while at the refreshment area, this lady, a hi bye friend, was sitting beside me.  She's curious to know how much I paid for my mum's Day Care Centre fee.  Reply her there's Government subsidy, then the part comes where she ask for the amount I have to pay, that I told her confidential.

Actually, my mum wanted to go home, told her, since we're out, we go Harbourfront makan and jalan jalan then go back.

Was at Seah Im Food Centre and my mum wanted her favourite duck porridge.  This stall has been around for a long time.

I had seafood soup @ $4 with a rice @ $0.50.  Total : $4.50.  At first, I was thinking, how come seafood soup, only fish and sotong, but no prawn, only to realise there are two small prawns when gonna finish eating.

After walking a round at Harbourfront, my mum was saiding want to go home, told her, we go for a cup of coffee first then go back.  She wants her favourite place, Heavenly Wang.  When we were there, ask her if we just order drink or anything she wants to eat.  She then said macaroni, have to double confirm with her if she can finish anot, as I still full after eating the seafood soup with rice, just in case she eat a bit and said full, my stomach no room for it already.  She said she still can eat, so order the chiicken macaroni set @ $7.80.

Comes with a slice of kaya butter bread

and a large cup of coffee

On the way home, in the bus, bump into a neighbourhood neighbour, she's an old friend of a church friend of mine.  She knows my mum goes to the Day Care Centre.  She has my handphone number, all along, she never ask how's my mum at the Day Care Centre.  Whether my mum is ok at the Day Care Centre.  The thing she start to ask me is how much I pay for my mum Day Care Centre fee.  Told her got Government subsidy.  She then keeps asking me how much, how much, I was not keen to tell her the amount, so I reply her, I got to pay, she then said you don't know how much you pay meh.  I was frustrated that she keeps asking me hiw much I pay, so I reply her, why you want to know how much I pay, confidential.  She then tell me, you said confidential, so to say, you can afford it.  In my heart, I was thinking, if I can't afford it, you going to help me pay meh since you keep asking the amount.  So to say, money is more important than my mum well-being. Then tell me my mum see doctor, medicine, all need money. Money, money, money, haiz...

Went for the 5pm Sundays at the Park workout.  Saw Auntie Lee, she was there waiting for the cantonese auntie who's there for the workout.

As the other time, she mention her granddaughter starting Polytechnic in April, so I ask her, auntie, when is your granddaughter starting her Polytechnic.  She then said, her granddaughter buy laptop, buy sport shoe, make spectacular, school fee, already cost a lot of money.

Money, money, I wonder today will I dream about money when I sleep since today the topic is about money.


  1. So cheap the seafood soup!

    1. Actually, not cheap at all as not much ingredients inside...

  2. Hot sour soup and braised pork bun. Yummy.

    Happy weekend to you!

    1. One of my favourite food, braised pork bun...

      Happy weekend to you and your family too...

  3. The ccf is cheap! The hot soup and pork bun look yummy!

  4. It is very good to know that you went to attend the Caregiver Support Group. I am curious what they talked about Dementia.

    1. They did talk about the name of some medicine for Dementia, which I am confuse about the name of the medicine...


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