Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Week 13 (Part 2)

28th Mar (Wed)

I have a book in mind to borrow and also to return the two books that I borrowed the other time.  Went to the library website to check if the book is available at which library.  Saw that the book is available at Bukit Batok library.

I was at Bukit Batok West ave 8 looking for food to eat for lunch when I come across an eatery place selling chicken rice, it looks tempting and I decided to give it a try.  After the lady took my order, then the cook said the chicken rice is not ready, chicken is ready but not rice, so change to curry yong tau foo which they are also selling.

The cutlery

Curry yong tau foo

with kway teow mee @ $4.50

The curry is just nice, not too thick and not diluted.

Next round, I want to try the chicken rice.

Compliment hot tea for diner

Blk 166 #01-252
Bukit Batok West Ave 8
Singapore 650166
Tel : 8335 5416

Managed to find the book that I wanted to borrow.

This Melon Kiwano from New Zealand caught my attention at the entrance of Cold Storage, but it doesn't comes cheap.

So far, all the Bengawan Solo shops that I know of, they do not sell coffee, etc.  But the one at West Mall, they do have seats and sell coffee, etc.   Order a egg tart @ $1.30 and a coffee (which I didn't take picture) @ $1.30.


  1. Love the cutlery holder set. Very pretty.

  2. yummy curry yong tau foo.
    I read that book too...very touching..

  3. The curry looks good.. and I like to read while I eat ! :)

  4. If I am not mistaken this book is about a doctor who had cancer and unfortunately he passed away.

  5. the curry yong tau foo with noodles looks good...

  6. The curry yong tau foo looks delicious and I like the cutlery set.

  7. Omg..I loveeee the cutlery set. So pretty!

  8. Hey, hey you are supposed to share about all the books you have read. Please tell us briefly and recommend whether to read or not with your own Star Ratings!

    This Melon Kiwano is like an alien fruit from Mars!


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