Thursday, April 5, 2018

Week 13 (Part 4)

31st Mar (Sat)

My mum doesn't wants to go for Service, so left me.  Since my mum is not with me, I can sit anywhere I want.  Sat with a regular and chit chat with her before service starts.  She was mentioning every year on Good Friday, it will rain.  Oh yeah hor, it was raining while my mum and I was on our way home on Good Friday.

After service, went Bukit Merah View for early dinner.  Pass by a table and saw a guy eating prawn noodle, so I thought I will eat that.

I didn't realise that there is a prawn noodle stall, if not for the guy who eats it.  Maybe the stall was in a corner, so I didn't notice it.

Big prawn noodle @ $5

I had kway teow mee

1st Apr (Sun)

From what I know, the actual day for Qing Ming is on 5th Apr (Thur).

Thought I will make a trip to the columbarium where my late father ashes is in.

Since the bus could not turn in to Old Choa Chu Kang Road due to bad traffic jam, stop at the main road and walk in.

A fallen tree

I remember a year where I saw that this tree is bald, now not bald already.

Opening hours of the columbarium

A small pond at the columbarium

At first, I was wondering what is this, than saw a sign stating Choa Chu Kang Cemetery Chapel.

Random picture

2nd stop, All Saints Memorial Chapel where one of my mum's uncle, auntie, elder sister, cousin ashes is.

Before going back, makan first then go back.

Fried chicken, so so only


Fried egg with a bit of tong cai

Porridge, total : $4.50


  1. $5 for the noodles with the prawns? So cheap!!!

    1. Yes, with the prawns, somemore, the prawns are big...

  2. The prawn noodles here cost around RM6 to RM7.

  3. Prawn noodle. Yummy. I thought of having a bowl this morning. Actually Penang prawn noodle but the stall wasn't open.

    Porridge. Good on any day. I also want to eat that this morning but I have ordered my breakfast from another stall. Another day for it.

    1. Penang prawn mee is nice ya..

      Agree with you porridge is good on any day...

  4. The small fountain is very nice. I love that.

    Here we would say every Qing Ming period, it would rain often just like showering to clean the graves.


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