Monday, April 23, 2018

Week 16 (Part 1)

16th Apr (Mon)

Went to the Day Care Centre in the afternoon.  It so happen the other time, the auntie whom the Malay guy called her darling, was sitting beside him, this round, he was saiding that she's his girlfriend.

My mum is cooker doing the cooking, another elderly is security guard, then another elderly is cleaner doing the cleaning.

My mum tea break - a piece of cake

It has come to the end of the Caregiver-to-caregiver Education Program.  Tonight is the graduation night.  Dinner before program commence.  Buffet dinner is serve, we have to pay for it @ $12 per person.

As usual, we were told not to take picture and video except the official photographer.

The program begins with the introduction of the Executive Director of Caregivers Alliance and two staffs from Ng Teng Foong Hospital whom they thank for letting Caregivers Alliance use their premise for conducting the Caregiver-to-caregiver Education Program.  Then a speech was given by the Executive Director.

As English and Chinese class combine tonight, 3 participants from the English class and 3 participants from the Chinese class share how they got to know about Caregivers Alliance and how they have benefits from the class.

After that,  certificate of participation was presented and then we took group photo (was not given the group photo, as heard due to confidential) before we call it a day.

17th Apr (Tue)

Usually I will buy my grocery from Fairprice supermarket.  Since I need to buy grocery, I thought I will go Giant IMM to enquire if they do have the Discount Scheme for Immobile Seniors as what Fairprice supermarket has.  Was told Seniors have to be present.

I end up at Ng Teng Foong Hospital Food Court, having yong tau foo, minimum 6 piece. My 6 piece of yong tau foo with kway teow mee @ $4.50 before going Fairprice supermarket at JEM buy grocery.

Before going back, hop over to Westgate to get the rabbit cake which I quite like from 大中 @ $3.20.

Bought a bento set from Isetan supermarket @ $7.80 for my mum's dinner.

Back home, called Giant customer service and check with them, was told they do have the scheme in which they email me the form, but don't think I will apply for it as I hardly buy my grocery from Giant.


  1. Rabbit cake? I wonder what that tastes like, sure would love to try!

  2. The green cake looks nice. Must be pandan flavor.


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  4. Rabbit cake? Didn't know such name for cake. Haha.

    1. I must ask them the next round I drop by, how come they name it rabbit cake, hehe...

  5. i like the Isetan bento set the most...All other foods look good too!

  6. That rabbit cake looks so cute. Wish I could try it one day!


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