Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Week 16 (Part 3)

20th Apr (Fri)

Usually my mum is early in going down to wait for the transport to the Day Care Centre.  When bringing my mum down, this elderly auntie, I will not write grandmother story about it, is already sitting there.  Wanting to avoid her, I let my mum sit there while I walk to PPHCSC. 

As usual, bee hoon

putu mayam

When I walk back wanting to ensure my mum boards the transport, oh no, my mum is not there, I started to get panic.  Guess the staff has pick up my mum already.

I didn't call the staff to check as, firstly, the handphone is her personal handphone.  Secondly, she's driving, I do not want to disturb her.  Thirdly, she has a noisy client in the transport.

So I walk to the Day Care Centre to ensure my mum is there.  It so happen, when I reach, the transport just arrive, guess the staff pick my mum first then pick the rest.

The staff then told me, she will pick my mum first next week onwards then pick the rest of them.

At the Day Care Centre, heard the Malay guy said that the elderly Malay auntie who is sitting in the same table with him is his bodyguard.  So I walk over and ask him, makcik is bodyguard? He then reply me that he has sack me as his bodyguard, now makcik is his bodyguard.

A staff was asking how come my mum's bag seem a bit heavy, so I told her, my mum's bag has a set of extra clothing as per request on the first day when she started Day Care Centre.  I was then told, the extra clothing, can leave it in the locker (the locker, we were not given key to lock), no need to bring in and out everyday.

As I left after ensure that my mum is in the Day Care Centre, I forgot to take out the extra clothing from my mum's bag and leave it in the locker, I went back in the afternoon and left the extra clothing in the locker.

While I was on the way to the Day Care Centre, saw an ambulance, being a busybody, I walk to where the ambulance is to kapoh and then use another route to the Day Care Centre.  Saw a hibiscus.

This round, the Malay guy was saiding my mum is his girlfriend.  Another moment, the Uncle sitting same table with my mum, Uncle and my mum, husband and wife.

The staff who ferry the elderly to the Day Care Centre in the morning is a female, while the staff who ferry them back in the afternoon is a male.  Earlier in the morning, he has mention the male staff toilet washer, in the afternoon, he mention the male staff is gardener.

Tea break for the elderly


  1. I love putu mayam.

  2. multipetals hibiscus. very beautful. This is one of the plant that always dies on me

    1. You're good with plants... I got no green finger, everything will die on me, if I do planting...

  3. You can write a Harry Porter's fantasy stories now. Saw ambulance and then turned to hibiscus pula. I also kaypoh who was inside the ambulance? So mysterious!

    1. Nowadays this Sharon does not reply comments anymore?? So busy kah.....

    2. Too bad didn't get to see what's inside the ambulance...

  4. hah..hah...the Malay guy is so funny :D The hibiscus leaves are so shiny.

  5. Long time I haven't eaten putu mayam!

  6. I love reading about your daily life with your mum. Not many do what you do xx You are an inspiration, Sharon.


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