Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Week 14 ( Part 2)

4th Apr (Wed)

I need to make a trip to the Day Care Centre again as I was not successful in making payment for my mum's Day Care Centre due to the increase fee on Monday.  This round, I manage to pay the fee.

My lunch - maggie mee with egg, meatball and vegetables.

My mum tea break - mini fruit tart

5th Apr (Thur)

The other time I tried the curry yong tau foo at 潮州卤味,i was back to try the chicken rice.

A set of chicken rice

With beansprout  @ $4.50

The soup was so so only

The chicken was nice

The rice was a bit hard, maybe due to the rice was just ready.

The cai po was nice, while eating, saw some customers walk in to buy it.  Then realise that they do sell it at a bottle for $3. Heard one of them tell the friend, can use it to fried egg or eat with porridge.

The chilli sauce was quite hot

Blk 168 #01-252
Bt. Batok West ave 8
Singapore 650166


  1. The chicken breast looks quite dry.

  2. The fruit tart looks very pretty. I would need more than one, three, at least.

  3. They didn't inform on the fee increase in advance. Really inconvenient for those who bring enough money to pay and end up cannot pay because of the fee hike.

    Chicken rice. Our favourite dish.

  4. Looks good, the chicken rice.. and your mom's dessert is so tempting too!

  5. I love to eat fruit tarts like crazy. Me sweet tooth la...


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