Thursday, April 19, 2018

Week 15 (Part 4)

14th Apr (Sat)

My mum doesn't wants to go Church, so after service, I was at Bukit Merah View having my early dinner.


with curry chicken

half salted egg

french bean

Surprise it only cost $3 as I thought it will come up to around $4.

15th Apr (Sun)

3rd Sunday of the month, Zone 3 Senior Friendship Circle breakfast session.  My mum throw tantrum by saiding she doesn't want to go, want to stay at home.  Have to sweet talk her to go.

nasi lemak

with a packet of kueh

Went to a relative place in the afternoon, as i'm not very hungry, has yam paste with ginkgo nut and pumpkin @ $3.80 before going back.


  1. I had nasi lemak yesterday but yours is nicer here coz got fried chicken!

  2. Porridge with curry chicken? That's an odd combination. Wanted to go for Teochew porridge yesterday but the shop was closed - off on Wednesdays, I guess. Post on that on Monday next week.

  3. I am really hungry right now and you make it worse. LOL!

  4. $3 is cheap.... I would pour all the dishes into the porridge to enjoy!

    1. I didn't expect it to be so cheap, thought will be around $4...

  5. Porridge for me anytime! Especially for hot days!

  6. Porridge with curry chicken? That sounds weird. Haha.

    Yam dessert looked good. I want a dessert now.

  7. Hope you can manage to pacify your mom on days like these... And I am eyeing your Or Nee!

    1. I want her to get out of the house for activities, instead of staying at home staring at the four walls...


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  9. Omigosh stomach is making noises already "kruuk-kRRuuUkk"


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