Friday, April 6, 2018

Book review - Love without Limits

Love without Limits

* Archive photo - TM had ask me to write a review of the book, I am not good in writing, so rough story of the book.

Nick Vujicic, an Australian, is  a Christian evangelist, an inspiration speaker, professional speaker who communicate for a living, is born without limbs.

As a teenager, he dreamed of getting married and having a family some days, just like most people.

His first serious relationship began when he was nineteen.  He met the girl at a Church camp in the United States.  They began as friends and moved quickly to the point where they wanted to be together all the way.  Till one day, seemingly out of the blue, the girl told Nick Vujicic that she need space and not ready for a serious relationship.  Nick struggled to give her space.

After four and a half year of giving the girl space, Nick had an opportunity to see the girl again when he spoke at a Church near her home.  She went to Nick speaking engagement.    They talked through their feelings and decided to try again, but in secret as the girl father had opposed to the relationship and they hope the father would come around one day if it was God's will.  

As Nick was traveling constantly, most of the communication were long distance and the girl father found out about the phone bill one day that she racked up hundreds of dollars by taking Nick's calls from Australia. The girl father made it very clear that he was not on board with their relationship.  Both of them broke off and he mourn the losses for eighteen month.

Kanae and Nick met when Nick was giving a little talk to a small group of supporters and friends in Southern Dallas. There was a spark and a strong attraction from the first moments Kanae locked eyes with Nick.  After their first meeting, Nick didn't see Kanae for three months as he was travelling but he couldn't stop thinking about her.  

He send poetry to Kanae through their mutual friend Tammy who mistakenly play matchmaker with Kanae sister, Yoshie, instead of forwarding the poems meant for Kanae to her.  At that point of time, Kanae has a boyfriend.

But Nick and Kanae did get together and got marred. 

Initially, they did not plan for a child in their first two years of marriage.  But three months into their marriage, Kanae got pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy Miyoshi a day after their wedding anniversary.

An aspect to their relationship that is different from many marriages is that addition to the usual work and responsibilities of being a wife and mother, Kanae has to help Nick deal with the challenges of having no arms and no legs. 

Nick, Kanae and Miyoshi lives in South California.


  1. Read about him and his strong will power from my church.

  2. Love knows no bounds and may God bless him and his family!

  3. Famous, the guy. Inspiring.

  4. Wow!! You really made a review and I must say a big Thank You! Everyone knows about this guy but I had no idea about his love life. I felt that his wife must be God-Sent to love and live with him. He has inspired many humans who have hands and legs to live more meaningfully.

    So when will you write about the next book that you are reading?

  5. He has touched many lives and may God bless him and his family richly!


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