Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Sembawang Park Connector

This walk was before Chinese New Year.

(1) Start of the walk, from Admiralty Road West

(2) Sungei Sembawang Canal

(3) San Lian Deng Temple

(4) Should this be called bench or chair? As bench is long. 

(5) Sembawang God of Wealth - can only take from side view

(6) Lantern inside the temple

(7)  They have a back door, too back it's lock, if not, can go in and take a look at the temple.

(8) Woodlands Industrial Xchange

(9) The tree trunk caught my attention

(10)  Pass by Northoaks Primary School

(11) From a different angel 

(12) HDB Flats

(13) Random Picture

(14) Canberra Secondary School

(15) Random Picture

(16) Random Picture

(17) An overhead bridge connecting one side to another

(18) Then came to a point that have to turn to continue with the walk

(19)Sungei Sembawang Canal

(20) The path

(21) One of the flower that is in the Park Connector

(22) Random Picture

(23) Random Picture

(24) HDB Flats

(25) End the walk at Blk 469B Admiralty Drive

(26)Buses that pass by there

(27) Building on the other side of the Park Connector

(28) Last picture before ending the walk


  1. Wahhhh!!! The temple is so big!

  2. nice weather for a nice walk! Gong Xi Fa Cai to u!

    1. Gong Xi Fa Cai to you too!!!

      The weather that day not bad...

  3. I sure lose all my food fats if I walk like you! Great!!

    1. Only that this kind of walk, have to depend on weather, rain, can't walk liao...

  4. I like this route you are taking. Can enjoy for the greens and nice view. It has been raining for the past weeks and we couldn't go for our morning walking exercise. Putting on weight already!

    1. Here have been raining also, but certain day, no rain...

  5. Very nice place to walk.

    I guess you can give it a new name - BenCHair :P


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