Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Chinese New Year Bazaar @ Albert Mall

Another place to visit for Chinese New Year Bazaar is at Albert Mall.

(1)  Usually there are many people walking around, i was lucky to capture the picture without anyone in it.

(2)  There was a guy cleaning the side of the decoration, just when i thought i was have to capture him in the picture, he happen to finish cleaning it and walk off.

(3)  At the entrance to Fu Lu Shou Complex

(4) Decoration along the side of the walkway

(5)  Lucky to able to take picture of this door, as after this door, the staircase leads to the lottery shop and people walking in and out.

(6) Usually, there's a Cai Shen Ye at this position every year

(7) Stall selling Chinese New Year decorations

(8) The stage, performance is only on weekend

(9) Smiling Cai Shen Ye

(10)  Wall decorations

(11) Red packet on sales

(12) Fortune Cat

(13)  Since Year of the Rooster is coming, the wall decoration is on Rooster

(14) Another Rooster wall decoration

(15) Was taking the above pair of decoration when a lady who was looking at it was telling me cute.

(16) The walkway leading to the Bazaar

(17) 瓜子

(18) 花生

(19) 果冻

(20) 糖果

(21) Chicken soft toy

(22) Wall decoration

(23)  Chinese New Year cookies

(24) 发财糖糕

(25)  Not too sure what's it's called, but it's nice

(26) Flowers, but i have not fate with it, so did not buy

(27)  New Year flower

(28) Fake flowers

(29 Plant with chicken on top

(30) Pomelo 

(31) Pomelo from China

(32) 佛手

(33) I was attracted by it, but i know i have no fate with plants, in order not to harm the plants, i did not buy it.

(34) Another stall selling plants with chicken on the top of the plant


  1. Good Evening Queen of Chinatown.

    It is raining here and my office air con is cold like Winter.

    1. Good morning TM...

      The rain has stopped over here after raining for a whole day yesterday...

  2. The Chinese New Year stalls are so interesting in Singapore. Many festive items are colourful and nice esp the feathered chickens!!

    1. The bazaar here has lesser stall as compare to Chinatown...

  3. I think the cactus plants are not suitable for CNY as the sharp thorns are bad feng shui.

  4. Did not go to any CNY bazaar this year. Avoiding them as price could be higher and crowded and stuffy.

    No 32. Interesting plant. I dont remember seeing any over here.

    1. So far, i only went once to Chinatown and once at Albert Mall, hehe...

  5. 雞年行大運!越來越接近農曆新年了!

  6. Wow.. another interesting place to go shopping for goodies!

  7. I would enjoy walking through this bazaar and looking at all the new year decorations and goodies on sale. Maybe buy some goodies too.

    1. Same here, that's why every year, i will sure go Chinatown and Albert Mall...

  8. I think those are dried persimmons, sweet. By the way, thank you so much for the very lovely Chinese Hew Year card - it just arrived, made it just in time. So sweet of you to include me in your mailing list.

    1. Good to hear you have receive it... So it takes two weeks from Singapore to reach Sibu...

  9. Rooster decoration no. 14 is hanging on my front door..haha.


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