Thursday, January 19, 2017

DJ Bakery @ Woodlands Terrace

Usually before Chinese New Year every year, RC will organise trip to Woodlands Terrace, but i didn't follow RC as i prefer to go on my own, then do not have to rush and can take own sweet time.

(1) Seeing those decorations, the feel of Chinese New Year is coming is there.

(2) The first stop DJ Bakery - at the entrance 

(3) DJ Bakery signboard

(4) 年糕

(5) Too bad only big packet, if have smaller packet, i sure will buy

(6) Chinese New Year cookies

(7) Canned drink

(8) Kueh Lapis, a lady before me at the cashier bought one of it, heard it's $32

(9) A picture before leaving DJ Bakery

DJ Bakery
6 Woodland Terrace
Singapore 577691

Email :

They are open from 8.30am - 9pm daily from 2nd January to 27th 8am - 1pm.

DJ Bakery is open only during Chinese New Year period.

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