Thursday, January 5, 2017

Coney Island Park (25th Dec 2016)

I have wanted to visit Coney Island,but due to the long distance from my place there, i did not go there.  Since my friend chalet is in Punggol, i took the opportunity to go there.  Meetup with my friends, J, B, B hubby and her daughter, at the reception of the chalet, after checking in, and helping out a bit with the necessary things for the party on that evening, thought my friend J is free to go walk walk, but J is still "busy", my itchy leg prompts me to go out and walk walk, so i told my friend i go out walk walk, and i venture out on my own to "find" Coney Island.

(1) When i reach the signboard Punggol Promenade, Punggol Point Walk, it starts drizzling.  I was hoping that it won't be raining very heavily and also i have wanted very much to visit Coney Island, so i decided to continue the walk with my umbrella, i should have carry with me in my bag a raincoat, so that i do no have to carry umbrella.

(2) After walking for a while, as it was raining, i didn't look at the time and see how long it takes for me to reach there, i found Coney Island.

(3) I enter by the West Entrance

(4) Just when i thought that i am the only person entering Coney Island, then there came a guy behind me, he's also on his own, carrying an umbrella visiting Coney Island.

(5) Signboard indicating the direction

(6) Saw a shelter and there's other's there taking shelter

(7) Taken from the shelter

(8) The walking path

(9) Sea

(10) Not too sure what's this

(11) I only manage to walk a small portion of Coney Island, as i do not want to venture further as i do not know how long it will take and beside it's around 5 plus at that time and the party starts at 6pm and i need some times to walk back to the chalet.  While walking out, see the notice that Coney Island Park is closed daily from 7pm to 7am.


  1. Sharon, to me, you are Singapore's Dora the Explorer. ^.^

  2. Good Morning Zumba Queen.

    I have heard of this place and thought that Coney Island is actually an island itself. Now I know it is not at all.

    1. Good afternoon TM...

      Maybe the name itself mislead other's...

  3. I never heard about this place until today :)

  4. Replies
    1. Too bad weather not that good and not enough time, if not will stay there long...

  5. Yes, I wonder what those are...and whether they are edible.

    1. Hopefully i able to find out one of the day...

  6. Nice place to visit and explore. You are a great explorer and you are so brave to walk alone.

    1. If i don't go, i don't know where i will go again, since so far from my place...

  7. Replies
    1. Too bad wet weather and not enough time, if not, would loves to vendor further...


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