Friday, January 27, 2017

ER Marketing (s) Pte Ltd @ 6A Senoko South

Next door to Bee Cheng Hiang Factory Outlet is ER Marketing (S) Pte Ltd, went in to take a look at what they are offering.

(1) The Company banner

(2) Usually, i see those "aunties", they are busy shopping when once reached the venue, me is first take picture first before i shop.

(3) Yu Sheng ingredients

(4) Crackers for Yu Sheng

(5) One of the type of sauce sold there

(6) I only manage to see these two types of pastes as there are a group of ladies standing at the other pastes there and discussing about the pastes.

(7) Hamper for sales

(8)Potato and onion on sale

(9) Saw the box of the Mandarin Oranges and find the picture cute

(10 Mandarin Oranges

ER Marketing (S) Pte Ltd
6A Senoko South Road
Singapore 758092
Tel : (+65) 6755 5225
Fax : (+65) 6758 5335

Wishing all my readers and friends 

Happy Lunar New Year


  1. I have not eaten one ponkan even this year, still coughing. :(

    1. So far, i have not eaten too, only use it for 拜年...

  2. wahhhh Sharon, pongkam.. I didnt buy any this year.. but I have many of them in my house.. gifts from family! :)

    1. I only buy for 拜年, as usually i don't eat pongkam...

  3. Happy Chap Goh May in advance!


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