Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Malay Neighbour Son Wedding (15th Jan)

Usually on Sunday morning, i will go for Zumba at my neighbourhood there, then buy breakfast back for my mum.  But on Saturday night, i receive news that the Zumba Instructor sprain her ankle, and due to last minute, she can't find a replacement, so the session was cancel.

So, i went to the market near my place there to buy breakfast.  Bump into my Malay neighbour, he stays on the ground floor, he mention his son wedding day on that day.  He wanted to pass me the invitation card, but he did not bump into me.  So he vertically invite my mum and me to his son wedding.

It's buffet style for the wedding which he mention from 11am to 5pm.

(1) Cracker on every table, i am addicted to it

(2) Biryani rice, there is also white rice which i didn't take picture, see that biryani rice is more popular than white rice as almost those tables i passed by, saw they eating biryani rice.

(3) Lontong

(4) Lontong Gravy

(5) Beef

(6) Chicken

(7) Mee Siam

(8) Sambal Goreng

(9) Fried Fish Fillet

(10) Hot drink

(11) Cold drink

(12) Some of the kuehs, only took some of it , but not all





(17) One of the fruits, banana

(18) My serving

(19) Flowers on every table

(20) The Wedding decoration


  1. Good Morning Queen of Food.

    Instructor leg sprained, so no zumba!

    Hey, the weather is warm this morning.

    1. Good morning TM...

      Lucky got alternative, i went for another workout, hehe...

      It's warm over here too, hehe...

  2. The Malay weddings always have nice buffets with Biryani Rice and lots of curries. I love to eat them.

    Normally the home cooked Malay weddings here often served Pineapple Curry which is my favourite! Have you tried?

    1. I loves Malay dishes too, but nowadays those stall selling Malay rice, not cheap...

      Don't think i tried Pineapple Curry before...

  3. The pelamin dais looks stunning and nice but where were the bride & groom?

    1. When i reach, they were there, halfway through during makan, saw them leaving...

  4. Very nice food.. a very happy occasion indeed!

  5. I like Malay weddings that are organized in the house/kampung because it is so casual. You can walk in anytime, more relaxed. The food choices all do delicious!

    1. That's what i like too, can walk in anytime...

  6. Wah, some of the food looks spicy, but must be syok having them, hehehe!

  7. I will be very happy with the food served. The cold drinks so colourful.

    1. Same here, i am very happy with it too and enjoy the foods, hehe...

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  9. biryani飯香這裡也能聞到呢!嘿嘿…

  10. Wow..so many tasty dishes. Lucky you!


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