Friday, January 6, 2017

Neo Garden Catering (25th Dec 2016)

My friend ordered from Neo Garden Catering for the Christmas Party.  Below are the foods.  No indication on the name of the dishes, unlike the previous time, my neighbour ordered for the wedding where there is indication on the dishes name.

(1) Rice

(2) Fish

(3) Honey Chicken

(4) Curry Vegetable with tau pok

(5) Spring Roll

(6) Sausages 

(7) Satay

(8) Assorted cake

(9) This is not under the catering, fruits watermelon and pineapple bought and cut by friend C.

(10) Random Picture

There's a dessert, fruit cocktail which i didn't manage to take picture.


  1. Replies
    1. Think if not wrong, now catering, they need to have the notice...

  2. I like the notice! Some prepare the food too early and is not eaten till late, there is the danger of contamination and food poisoning.

  3. I love satay! Long time didn't eat satay!

  4. Satay和糕點很吸引我!要吃!

  5. Nice catering. And love the notice too. Haha. With expiry time. ^^

    1. If not wrong, think now they have to put the notice...


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