Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Bake Cheese Tart @ Westgate

Bake Cheese Tart first open at ION Orchard, but i didn't go after it.  They opened another, at Westgate.

Friend picture on Facebook

I have wanted to try it, but on hold first lor, as Festival Season, those workout has stopped.  So i thought i will go and try it out after those workout has resume and after i burn off some calories.  It so happen, i was meeting some friends on New Year Day, a friend bought 2 boxes, 1 boxes for the family, and 1 boxes to bless us.

The Cheese Tart cost $3.50 each.

As regards to the Hokkaido Cheese Tart at Jurong Point that i bought and try out.  The crust from Hokkaido Cheese Tart, i find it more butery.  As for the filling,  Bake Cheese Tart is quite creamy.


  1. between hokkaido and bake, which cheese tart do you prefer now that you have tasted both of them?

  2. So nice, you got to try it. Extra zumba after that? hee..hee...

    1. Ya lor, somemore CNY coming, must work hard, hehe...

  3. We have nice ones at one place here but no, I can't say I am a fan - too rich, not something I would like a lot.

  4. I can imagine the nice aroma...yummy

  5. I love to eat any baked cheese tart so long as the cheese is generously filled.

  6. wow... Johor here selling around 6rm.. I have yet to try..

  7. I have heard so much of cheese tart for so long. But never intend to buy one.. maybe this weekend. Never mind, give yourself a treat since you never miss your Zumba class.

  8. I still have not tried any cheese tart yet. Enjoy first and sweat it out later. Ha ha!

  9. Haaa...I am so excited to see this! ^.^ Which one did you like better overall?

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