Monday, January 9, 2017

Provence @ Raffles Holland V

Been to Raffles Holland V once, that time was for a workout.  After the brunch at Old Chang Kee, was looking around for coffee and was at Raffles Holland V and saw Provence.

Image result for provence bakery image

Picture taken from Internet as i forgot to take picture of the place

Saw the Brazilian Cheese Bun @ $1, since i never try before, bought it to try out.

They do serve coffee and had some seats there for customers, ordered a Mocha @ $3.50, the coffee was a bit diluted to me.

118 Holland Avenue
#01-04 Raffles Holland V
Singapore 278097
Tel : 6467 6966


  1. I was too busy today, I forgot my coffee. If I take coffee now, I wouldn't be able to sleep tonight. The cheese bun looks nice.

  2. So cheap, $1 only. Nice? What was it like, the bun?

  3. The cheese bun looks really cute. Nice snack.

    1. I was attracted by it when i first saw it, hehe...


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