Monday, January 9, 2017

Blanco Court Kueh Chap @ Holland Drive Food Centre

Back in Holland Drive for brunch and had Kueh Chap.

Photo taken from Internet -  TripAdvisor

Kueh Chap ingredients @ $4.00, i was telling the Uncle that i do not want 三层肉和猪皮, Uncle ask what about 瘦肉, 瘦肉 is ok for me. It comes with 瘦肉, pig intestine, tau pok, egg.

The Kueh is $0.50


  1. I am not a fan of kueh chap. I will take the egg. He he...

  2. Have not had kueh chap for a while now. There's soy sauce so it's not gluten free. :(

  3. Good Afternoon Zumba Queen.

    It is so hot today.

  4. Thailand's Kueh Chap is the best until they exported their Instant Kueh Chap to United States and the world. That was in 1990s when I ate their instant ones in California.

    1. Think i ever bought the Instant Kueh from the supermarket, but i don't really like the Instant Kueh...

  5. I would say that the ones sold in Penang are really good and tasty. Next time, I will try it in Singapore to compare.

  6. I have only ever eaten kueh chap in Penang. It was yummy. Yours look good too.

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