Friday, August 10, 2018

Gonna be weekend

2rd Aug (Thur)

I was ask to "travel" to another branch to help the manager to collect things.  And was extended by 1/2 hr to finish off some work before going back.

As the staff of the Day Care Centre WhatsApp that he will be a bit late in sending my mum back, I went JEM to have a quick bite before going back.

I have bookmark this satay from Rumah Sayang Cafe @ JEM #B1-41/42.  4 sticks for $5.

Sauce for the satay

3rd Aug (Fri)

After my mum boards the transport, I walk over to PPHCSC,  when I open the door, the queue for the weekly breakfast was long.  No thank you, I do not have the luxury time to queue for just a plate of bee hoon with youtiao, otherwise I will be late for work.

Again, I was ask to "travel" to another branch to collect things.  1/2 hr was extended to complete my job.

My dinner - takeaway mixed maki @ $3.80 from one of the Japanese Restaurant in JEM.

I do not have enough time to buy grocery before going back to wait for the transport to bring my mum back.  So, got to make a trip to the supermarket to buy grocery.  Pass by Ya Kun and saw the Kaya Durian Toast, so bought a set (with coffee) @ $4.80.


  1. Happy National Day! Oooo...satay!!! Yumssss!!!

  2. reminede me so long I aven't eat satay. Must go buy one of these days.

    1. Look forward to see the satay in your blog...

  3. Kayla durian toast. Geez. Wonder how the taste.

    1. Only that the durian spread is a bit only...

  4. That satay looks so yummy, Sharon. I eat satay pretty regularly - my favourite food. That kaya durian toast is unique. I have never heard of it before!


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