Thursday, August 23, 2018

A new week

13th Aug (Mon)

The new timing for sending my mum back will starts today.  I was told to standby 15 minutes before the stated time, as they might send back earlier.

Depending on the day, as some clients, they do not go to the Day Care Centre every day.  Sometimes, some clients, due to some reason, they did not go to the Day Care Centre.  It also depends on the traffic condition.

On the first day of the new timing, my mum was send back 15 minutes before the stated time.

My dinner - tendergrill chicken burger

14th Aug (Tue)

There's a pasar madam at Jurong East MRT station.  Went for a walk after I knock off and before I go back to wait for the transport bringing my mum back.

takoyaki @ $2.50 for 6 pc

"shark fin" soup @ $2

Pass by a durian stall, as I am taking bus, I can't buy whole durian, can only buy those pack in boxes.  Bought a box at $15.

I was quite tired and don't feel like going for Bible Study Fellowship, but in the end, drag myself to go.

15th Aug (Wed)

Early in the morning, brought my mum for her medical appointment.  The shocking part is that when they take her blood pressure, it was 162 at the measurement station.  Inside the doctor room, her blood pressure was taken again, this round, ok.  So I ask the doctor, how come her blood pressure when first taken, it was 162.  Doctor was mentioning, some elderly, when they go to the doctor, they are afraid, so the blood pressure shot up.

 After seeing doctor, collect medicine, make payment.  Ask my mum if she wants to go elsewhere to makan or go Day Care Centre, she wants to go Day Care Centre, so bring her to the Day Care Centre.

As in the Day Care Centre, everyday, blood pressure will be taken.  Ask the staff if my mum blood pressure has ever that high, 162, I was told, nope, never has my mum blood pressure that high before.

After settle my mum in the Day Care Centre, bring her medicine back home and then I was out again, to attend a wake of a church friend hubby.

Before attending the wake, went for lunch at a coffeeshop.  Had signature mee kia at $4.50.

And at night, it's time again to do homework for Bible Study Fellowship.

16th Aug (Thur)

Burger day again.

Tendergrill chicken with rendang sauce

In the evening, finally I went for foot reflexology, it has been a long time since I went.  Usually, previously, I will do 40 minutes.  This round, I did 1 hour.


  1. Signature mee kia is unusual with all those ingredients.

    Burgers. I just had one yesterday for lunch.

  2. Long time haven't eaten burger. I do enjoy eating burger once in a while. You have a very busy schedule. Do take care. May your strength be renewed each new day.

  3. those burgers are tempting me to eat....

  4. Feel so hungry see the food you ate.

  5. Whoa ..that tendergrill with rendang sauce looks so yummy! I need to hunt it down here if they have it ..haha


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