Sunday, August 19, 2018

National Day/Pre-weekend

9th Aug (Thur)

Today is a Public Holiday (National Day), but I still need to work.  My mum do not need to go to the Day Care Centre.  Told her that I will buy dinner back for her after I knock off.

After I knock off, I was at JEM, need to buy grocery from the supermarket.  Thought that there won't be so many people as people will go Marina Bay watch National Day Parade or fireworks.  But I was wrong, the whole shopping mall and the supermarket, mountain people, mountain sea.

Unagi Yakitori Don from Isetan supermarket for my mum.  Supposed to be $12.80, but special offer $9.80.

I had Nagomi Bento Cod Fish, also suppose to be $12.80, but special offer $8.80.

Watch a bit of the National Day Parade, then start on my Bible Study Fellowship homework.

10th Aug (Fri)

When the staff fetch my mum, I was told, Monday, there will be a change in the timing of the transport.  But the timing not confirm yet as there will be a discussion about the route as there's a new client staying further away from the Day Care Centre.

I thought I will make a quick trip to the Day Care Centre to check with the person-in-charge.  She told me about the roughly timing, but not confirm yet as there will be a discussion with the two staff who are doing the fetching and sending back.

After I knock off, went to the Day Care Centre to re-confirm with the staff in-charge.

My dinner - chicken burger


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