Monday, August 13, 2018

It's Monday again

6th Aug (Mon)

A shorter week for those who need not work during this coming Thursday as it's National Day, but for me, no difference as I need to work as me in the food industry, they do open for business.

Usually, if I take the burger for my dinner, I will tell my colleague, you prepare what, I take whatever you prepare.  I was given a piece of fried chicken. I didn't take any burger.

Had it with maggie mee and an egg


  1. Big piece of fried chicken. Looking at your Maggi mee, make me want to eat the curry flavour. Long time didn't eat Maggi mee

  2. 星期一又是拼搏的時候啊!

  3. Fried chicken looks like the ones from KFC.

  4. Yummy fried chicken will be wonderful for a change instead of the usual burger. Maggi mee with egg plus the fried chicken make a delicious dinner.

  5. fried chicken + instant noodle + egg = excellent combination. My type of meal

  6. Me too long time no take maggi mee.. your plate of noodles looks good!

    1. My maggie mee is standby... Raining or lazy to cook a proper meal, then eat it...

  7. For a change, no burger. U used to love maggi mee/ Long time liao did not eat.

  8. What a yummy dinner. This is comfort food to me :)


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