Monday, August 6, 2018


28th Jul (Sat)

My mum didn't go church.  As usual, after service, went Kim San Leng coffeeshop at Bukit Merah View for early dinner.

Instead of the usual chap chai rice, this round, I had roasted meat rice @ $4.

29th Jul (Sun)

I was given one set of uniform when I started work.  Now that I was given another set of uniform, the pant was long and I need to send for alteration.  The other time, I was in the vicinity of Bukit Batok East and the pant I send for alternation cost me $8.

It comes to my mind that there's a alternation service at Bukit Timah Market as I recall, there's a time, my friend went to make enquiry.  The alternation costs me $5, much cheaper than the one at Bukit Batok East.

There's a time, I bought a new pant and was asking around where got alternation service and friend mention Clementi Market.  The charge was $6 and I was told have to come back again to collect and if I want it on the same day, add $1, at that time, I was thinking, if I were to go back, I have to take transport, counting the transport fee, I paid the lady $7 for the alternation.

In future, if I have any alternation to be done, I will go back Bukit Timah Food Centre there.

While waiting for my pant to be done, I thought I will go to the food centre to said hi to my friend who's running a business there, but got customers, so didn't go said hi.  Beside, the Food Centre was very crowded.

Instead, cross over to Bukit Timah Plaza and eat duck rice @ $4.


  1. There is a shop that does alterations in my office area but so far I have not sent any clothes for alteration.

    1. Me short, the pant is long, so have to send for alteration...

  2. Everything's so cheap! Here, at least RM4.50 for what you had.

  3. Wow. Duck rice for $4 only. Don't convert. Haha. Over here, duck rice definitely cost RM5 and more. You come here, you can eat 3 plates. Hahaha.

  4. 好久好久沒有吃鴨飯了呢!

  5. Over here, alteration for shortening pants cost around RM6-7... sometimes I do my own sewing, I mean not machine but manual... :)

  6. the rice is brownish in colour?

  7. Wow! You have a new uniform now. Wear it and take photo to show us!


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