Thursday, August 9, 2018

A new week

30th Jul (Mon)

Since it's Monday and I didn't eat burger over the weekend as it's my off day, so burger (chicken patty) for my dinner?

Ever since I started work at this new job, I didn't go for any workout.  Wish I still have the energy to go workout.

31st Jul (Tue)

Since tomorrow is the start of the new month, I thought I will make a trip to the Day Care Centre to make payment for my mum August Day Care Fee.

Burger (beef patty) again for my early dinner before going for my Bible Study Fellowship.

1st Aug (Wed)

Two day in a row eating burger, so today no burger for me.

Yong tau foo

with noodle @ $4.90 

@ Jurong East MRT Kopitiam before going back to wait for the transport bring my mum back and then Bible Study Fellowship homework time.


  1. I like the noodle with the minced meat. Long time haven't eaten burger. Use to love burgers.

  2. I'm like Nancy, have not had a burger for so so so long. Not really crazy about them plus these days, as far as possible, we do not eat anything not gluten-free - bread is made from wheat flour.

  3. Good morning Sharon,
    Have a blessed weekend.


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