Sunday, August 12, 2018


4th Aug (Sat)

My mum has a blood test (non fasting) appointment at the Polyclinic at 11.05am, I thought that blood test is very fast, so we reach the Polyclinic at around 9.15am.  When I scan my mum Identify Card for a Q no., it stated registration only opens 60 minutes before the appointment time.  Instead of waiting stupidity at the Polyclinic, ask my mum how about we go eat first, then come back.  We went to the nearby (within walking distance) Indian eatery place (one and only eatery place at the vicinity) to have my mum early lunch and my breakfast cum lunch.

The chicken looks tempting to me, so I decide to order the nasi lemak.  The chicken  has started to turn cold, only a bit warm, but the ikan bilis is nice.  The rice is alright.

My mum had lontong

Total is $9.50 for the nasi lemak, lontong and a cup of coffee.

Attend a Caregiver Support Group @ New Horizon Centre (Jurong Point) in the afternoon. Topic is (Providing Comfort and Quality of Life in Late Stage Dementia Care by Ms Lola Ng, Senior Medical Social Worker.

After the talk, there's refreshment, the bee hoon is so nice that I went for second round.

A croissant @ $1.80 to brunch at home

5th Aug (Sun)

Since yesterday didn't go church, in the morning, ask my mum if she wants to go church.  She said she wants to rest.

My plan is, if she wants to go church, will bring her to the chinese service.  If not, will go workout at my kampong, then go for the 2nd service (English Service).

Was at Bukit Merah View for lunch.  I have ever bought the chicken rice back for my mum, but I have yet to try it out myself.  Had steamed chicken rice @ $3.

The soup is nice that I ask for a second round as usually, I don't ask for second round.


  1. The nasi lemak has a whole chicken leg that looks yummy! Long time haven't eaten lontong, since after I retired.

  2. The chicken sure look nice, pity it wasn't hot.

  3. So cheap the croissant! I bought one that day, RM3.20!!! Can buy one loaf of sandwich bread with that kind of money.

  4. Now you make me crave for chicken rice...

    1. Share with us your chicken rice if you go eat it ya...

  5. Nasi lemak. Chicken rice. I like both.

  6. Yummy food - a wonderful selection. ^.^


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