Monday, January 1, 2018

Sunday (24th Dec)

On every 4th Sunday of the month, will be Senior Friendship Circle by Zone 2 RC.  My mum have not been before to Zone 2 RC Senior Friendship Circle.  Ask her if she wanted to go, she's ok, so brought her there.

There's this neighbourhood neighbour that was there with his wife.  I ever bump into him at PPHCSC.  Usually, we never greet each other.  This round, when he saw me,  he said hi to me, hmmm, I was thinking, will I strike lottery.  Too bad, I did not strike that night.

After the Senior Friendship Circle ends, told her we go nearby coffeeshop to eat, she finish her breakfast, I haven't eat, now my turn to eat.

She told me she wants sliced fish mee sua, I didn't order 2 bowls, just in case she can't finish, so order 1 bowl, add 3 dumplings, $5.  Above is my portion of the mee sua with dumpling.

Ordered a egg prata @ $1.50.  My mum eat it, so I got to order another piece.

There's a Christmas Service, The Greatest Gift of all, and Carnival, by PPH Brethren Church, PPH Community Services Centre from 5.30pm to 9.30pm.

Sunday at the Park workout is from 5pm to 6pm.

I didn't go for workout in the morning, was feeling uncomfortable not doing any workout.  So let my mum sit at the chairs there waiting for the Christmas Service to start while I go for the workout.  Told her not to wander off and wait for me.

The dinner box for that night is nasi lemak.  My mum pass me her fishcake, tell me she doesn't want it, told her, I cut into small piece for her and ask her to eat.  Only the ikan billis and peanuts, I finish up her share as hard for her to eat.

As usual, no luck in the blessing draw.

Happy New Year to all my Blogger Friends and Readers


  1. Happy new year to you and mom, Sharon! I feel like eating roti prata now! He he!

  2. Happy New Year, Sharon.. to you and your mom!

  3. Happy new year to you and your mum. Wish you both happiness, good health, love, luck and peace in this new year.

    Better luck in thr next draw. Hehe.

  4. Happy 2018!!! Cheers!!!

  5. 那天也是吃了我想念已久的roti telur,赞啊!b( ̄▽ ̄)d

  6. Aiyo, if so easy to strike lottery, I also wantlah, Sharon ..kakaka! ^.^
    Happy New Year to you, my dear friend.

  7. The dinner box looks good. But where is the sambal?

    1. They separate the sambal, have not open the packaging of the sambal when I took picture of the dinner box.


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