Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Saturday (30th Dec)

The Food Centre at Bukit Merah Central will reopen on 1st Jan 2018 after months of repairs & redecoration/renovation work.  I was telling my mum, this Saturday, we eat at the coffeeshop, next Saturday, we can check out the Food Centre when it reopen.

As usual, my mum wants mixed rice.  But at that point of time, not much variety to choose from as new dishes for dinner is not out yet.  So choose whatever they have.  Cost : $3.50.

My mum wants tau kwa, so I order wu xiang.  As I'm not a fan of tau kwa, the whole piece of tua kwa, all hers.  Except the popiah which she find difficulty in chewing, the rest, share some with her.  Cost : $6.50.

I always likes the sotong wing from Old Chang Kee @ $1.70, but don't know why, it so happen the one I just taste weird, unlike those that I eat before, it's nice.

My mum wants the curry puff @ $1.50 for her supper.

Next Saturday, will check out the Food Centre.


  1. oh...Old Chang Kee currypuff now sell at $1.50 already? hmmm...kinda missing it now..

  2. Sharon, you are my kind of makan friendlah. So many variety..all can eat!

    1. Most type of foods, I eat, but not into Indian foods...


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