Thursday, January 25, 2018

22nd Jan (Mon)

The day starts with the Social Worker visiting my mum.  He used to visit my mum once a week, but now, once a month.

Then I received a call that the document I requested for is ready for collection.  So after the Social Worker left, actually thought of cooking porridge for my mum, but since need to run errands,  cook a packet of instant noodle (just in case she's hungry before i'm back) for her and told her I buy back foods for her after I settle the things.

I ever bought the chicken rice from the stall selling chicken, roasted duck, roasted meat, char siew, wanton noodles for my mum and find that the chicken is nice. I was back. At first, I was undecided what to eat.

In the end, I had roasted duck rice at $3.50.  Would prefer that they debone it.

Like the soup

Went to collect the document and summit it to the Government agency that request the document.

I got to know about Caregivers Alliance Limited from the Hospital.  Went to enquire if there are any training or talk available.  Was told that there is a 12 weeks 2 1/2 hours Caregiver-to-Caregiver (C2C) Programme starting on 22nd January from 7pm to 9.30pm, I sign up for it.  It's free as the programme is funded by NCSS (from what I heard during the programme).

Due to the confidential of the contents (we were told about it during the programme), I will not be able to share more about it here.


  1. so nice of u to cook noodles first for ur mum before leaving and then later tapau food again for her.

  2. Yum yummm!!! Roast duck!!!

  3. Roasted duck rice anytime for me!


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