Monday, January 22, 2018

18th & 19th Jan

18th Jan (Thur)

My mum and I was going to a Government agency to settle some issues.   At first, she was mentioning, after settle the thing, then go eat.  It so happen we pass by an eatery place and then she said she wants to eat first.

Signature kway teow @ $5

While at the Government agency, we were given an appointment time.  While waiting, we went to the cafe nearby to makan.

Order a nasi lemak set @ $3

After settling the issues, we went Hanis.

I had blueberry crumble pie @ $2.80

My mum had wholemeal tuna mayo and cheese sandwich @ $3.60.

19th Jan (Fri)

As I need to submit some documents to the Government agency and also to enquire about things in the Hospital, went to the eatery place where my ex-colleague mention that the laksa was nice to have my meal.

Laksa @ $4.50 which I find that the gravy was just nice, not too thick and not too watery.  But the chilli was so so only.  Ingredients include half hard boiled egg, fish cake, 3 small prawns, tau look.

Was at the supermarket buying grocery, then wanted to have a cup of coffee before going back, but change my mind, had ginger milk tea @ $2.

Bought a castella cake @ $4 for my mum.


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