Tuesday, January 30, 2018

25th Jan (Thur)

My mum appointment with the Neuro Consultant at the Hospital was in the afternoon.  Cook porridge for her and told her, after seeing Doctor, we go eat.  She eat a bit of the porridge and then said she wants to eat out before seeing Doctor.

We were at the Food Court, where she wants yong tau foo.

With kway teow @ $4.90

Mouth itchy, so order fan choy set @ $2.90 which comes with a coffee or tea.

At the Clinic, before seeing the Neuro Consultant, she was called by the nurse to a room, she almost scream at the nurse as she thought the nurse was going to give her an injection.  Told the nurse, my mum thought injection, the nurse then told her, take blood pressure, then she keep quiet.

After seeing the Neuro Consultant, at first, thought my mum wanted to eat the macaroni at the Food Court, but she said have to walk a distance, so end up at Hanis.

Sometimes back, my mum had wanted the soup at Hanis, if order ala carte, it will be $4, which I find not worth the price.  So ordered a Western set which comes with the soup.

A piece of bread


Grilled Dory Fish 

Only order 1 set as not too sure if she can finish all.  In the end, she finish almost all.

Went for 2nd round and we end up in KFC.

Saw from TV KFC advertisement about honey sesame chicken, looks tempting.  Order a set @ $8.90 to try it out. But I won't said that I will go back sooner to eat it again.

It comes with a coleslaw and mashed potatoes, but as my mum likes mashed potatoes, so change to 2 mashed potatoes.

It comes with a sjora drink


  1. Kway teow looks so pale. Not a fan of dory, thank you very much.

  2. Your mum is cute and funny to scream at the nurse. I think has developed phobia with hospital visits. Sometimes I saw very old patients crying like small kids at hospital's waiting area as they wanted to go home instead of seeing doctors. The grown up children had to pacify them to calm down.

    1. She has phobia with injection, so when she saw nurses, she will mistaken they are going to give her injection...

  3. Your mother is truly blessed with you taking her to her routine checkup every now and then..

  4. Nice makan session with your mum.

  5. KFC is overpriced in Singapore. I prefer to eat KFC at Johor. Still got bun. Haha...

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